How To Make My T-shirt Last The Longest

T-shirts are for a lifetime... seriously! I still have t-shirts from when I was in high school. I may not be able to still fit some of them, but I have them lol. Your t-shirt can last for years with the proper care. All shirts are not made equal and some need a little more loving than others, but our t-shirts are long lasting and here is how to get the most usage and wear out of them. To preserve the design on your t-shirt:

1. Wash it inside out.

Depending on how you wash your clothes, that can affect the life of the image printed on you t-shirt. Flipping it inside out when you wash it helps to keep other garments for snagging the design and keeps color from other clothes from bleeding on it. 

2. Machine wash cold with mild detergent. 

You always want to wash your t-shirt in cold water. Depending on the temperature of your hot water, you can exceed the heat temperature recommendation and ruin your shirt. Always use cold water. A mild detergent is always suggested because chemical can have adverse affects on all clothes. 

3. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Bleach is not your best friend when it comes to screenprint t-shirts. Remember when we said some clothes need a little extra care? T-shirts need extra care. Bleach can alter the t-shirt colors and even bleach the design depending on the concentration. Avoid bleach. Fabric softener is also not your friend for screenprint t-shirt because it will loosen the fabric and make your design lift. 

4. Normal tumble dry.

Again- heat is not your friend when it comes to screenprint t-shirts! You want to make sure you use a normal heat temperature to dry your clothes, not scorch them. 

I hope these care instructions help you to preserve your t-shirts so that you can wear them over and over again! 

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