Remembering George Floyd

George Floyd- One Year Later

On this day last year, we witnessed the horrific murder of George Floyd across social media in front of the entire world. We watched a man be held down by the knee of an officer for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. At that moment, the world changed.

"My daddy changed the world" - Gianna Floyd.

George Floyd's murder reshaped social justice reform. Over 50 countries, including 26 million Americans, protested. We will never be the same after watching one of the worst videos in our lifetime.

Although many of us felt helpless during this time, there is so much we can do. Here are 3 ways to make an impact for social justice:

  1. Educate yourselves, your family, and friends on topics around social justice
  2. Get registered to vote and vote in your local and national elections
  3. Get involved with a foundation that aligns with your beliefs

The George Floyd Foundation

The George Floyd Foundation was created to honor George Floyd’s legacy by uniting and activating our communities to challenge the root causes of racial inequity and end the systemic violence affecting Black Americans. Here you can get involved and donate to fighting social injustice. 


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