Why Do I Need To Practice Self Care?

Why Do I Need To Practice Self Care?

Health is wealth. There is no way around it. It you are not healthy, you cannot be responsible for anyone or anything else. Self care means showing up for yourself just like you show up for others. My mother always told me, "take care of yourself and worry about everything else later". 

What is Self Care?

Self Care is a combination of activities that are intended to restore health, reduce stress, and increase energy. 

You don't have to go book a spa resort and spend hundreds of dollars-- unless that's what you want to do. Self Care can be as simple as taking a few hours off work to eat ice cream, or taking a hot bath and doing an at home facial. You don't have to splurge, you just need to take a little time for yourself. 

Self Care + It's Benefits: 

Benefits of practicing self care can range from:

  • reduced symptoms of mental health issues
  • greater function to manage stress
  • better mental capacity to handle daily obstacles. 

Here are twenty quick ways to practice self care and be a better you for the people you are responsible for. 


 20 Ways to Practice Self Care


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