About Us

Welcome to the Beahive!

Beahive Boutique was founded with one goal in mind, to provide statement apparel to women, men, and families to express themselves. 

Beahive Boutique is a family brand that supports and promotes freedom of expression. We are an all inclusive brand that caters to individuals, families, organizations and other businesses. 

Beahive Boutique strives to provide the best customer experience through quality products, impeccable service and fast shipping. 

Beahive Boutique was founded February 2017 by the Beathea family. Our CEO is a serial entrepreneur, running multiple businesses while taking care of her family that includes her husband and three daughter. She grew up in Birmingham, AL where she graduated from high school, completed her Bachelors degree at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University and completed her Masters of Business Administration at Walden University. 

Here at Beahive Boutique, we believe that everyone has a voice and has the right to express themselves, freely. By supporting us, you are inspiring someone else to express themselves. As long as we inspire one person to be and live freely, we have met our goal. Be your black, bold, beautiful, educated self.